Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Marketing, broadcast, advertising to change forever in 2008

I'm the last person to make predictions for 2008. I've been wrong about 'the future of AOL' for over 7 years! ....

You can read plenty of other people's predictions on many of the websites and blogs in our latest blogroll (lower left :).

One thing I know for sure. Marketing, advertising, accountability, movies, tv, and radio will change more than ever in 2008.

Mainstream advertising companies have already been hiring SEO and other 'Internet people'. The reverse is true with large (huge?) existing Internet players dramatically increasing their New York payrolls.

This is the year. The biggest, and possibly most confusing and hardest to track, convergence of the Internet, Madison Avenue, Wall Street, VC, magazines, newspapers, and other media.

"It will be harder to price advertising than ever before. It will be easier to target market than ever."

Sadly, magazines will continue to get thinner. I like magazines.

As for TV ....

Fox has announced that 24 is being delayed until a full season is in the can. Now, that leads me back here ....

While I've never been a big 'union guy', and despite numerous announcements, the writers strike is NOT over. Writers are far from dumb and they have a point. As the transition continues to 'everything over IP', these guys (and gals) are getting the ding-dong. They know it. Robin Williams (whose been walking the line with them) knows it too.

There were numerous news stories on TV today about 'shows returning this week'. Maybe they sandbagged them for after New Years, or maybe, just maybe, they're just following the Writers Strike Twitter Feed ??

Let's hope 2008 isn't the year decent network TV croaked. Viewers are hard to win back.

Let's also hope Net Neutrality continues. YouTube and other video sites are helping keep a few people honest ....

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