Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Lesley Stahl hooked on Facebook - CBS News gets it?

Just after the 60 minutes interview by veteran CBS News anchor / reporter Lesley Stahl with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg this past Sunday, I made a brief post here.

It was a relatively simple piece that included the CBS interview re-run web address, in the event that any of you that missed it wanted to see how Zuckerberg made out.

That post can still be found here .

At the end of the post, I joked that I was going to send a 'Facebook friend request' to Ms. Stahl.

Those of you that know me, know that I like to 'experiment a little' (understatement?), and have some fun in the Web 2.0 space. The fact is .. I did send Ms. Stahl the request. I then proceeded to file it under 'no way' :)...

Researching material for a future 60 minutes piece? Joining her CBS News friends already on Facebook? Could she actually be engaging the Internet social community??

Memo to Katie Couric (and Leslie Moonves) : This is how to get ratings !

Logging onto Facebook this evening, I was pleased to see that "Charlie Anzman and Lesley Stahl are now friends". Well how cool is that?

Memo to a few of MY esteemed colleagues: It might be a good idea not to 'poke' Lesley just yet. I didn't know what poking was until my first poke came from a guy, and I replied ... 'huh?'....

Staff edit : Replay link corrected

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