Thursday, January 3, 2008

The return of human edited search engines

Meta search engines have been around a long time. There are many still around. They search several popular search engines and give you 'combined results'.

Complimenting these websites are a multitude of social network voting websites, perhaps Digg being the most famous, but with a variety of others in this space as well.

A community of 'social bookmarkers' has arrived. They vote, bringing attention to themselves, other blogs and websites.

The other day, we noted the launch Dec 31 of A meta-search engine that allows YOU to discuss, vote... etc.

During 2007, Mahalo made headlines, is growing, and now definitely worth checking out. A different approach from Jason Calacanis and crew. Mahalo is getting social as well and also recently launched a daily video being produced by Veronica Belmont.

Will people adopt these new platforms? Will people write, discuss or vote?

There are some absolutely great websites and blogs out there that still need some attention.

It'll be interesting to watch these combined communities (and others) throughout the year.

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