Sunday, January 20, 2008

Big lay-offs at Yahoo ? - Not yet.

Yesterday, numerous blogs reported that Yahoo was on the verge of laying off 1500-2500 people. News like that spreads around pretty quick.

We believe the source was the Silicon Alley Insider. The blogs posts we saw looked pretty much like they 'originated there'. (Credit your source??).

We're liking the 'Insider' more each day, with good stuff and a consistent mostly-authoritative stream of news from the growing tech center in NY, affectionately known as Silicon Alley.

One think we like the most about the 'online paper', is that when they're off the mark, they admit it.

Today's issue is reporting a different twist on the story with what has happened since the return of Jerry Yang to Yahoo, and what he and President Susan Decker have been doing to keep Yahoo alive and well (and keep Wall Street smiling :)

The article can be found here.

Update Monday 6:15 PM EST : The Yahoo story from today's NY Times online edition.