Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Score TWO for Yahoo - The Flickr deal, more

In a year where we saw Google going into the stock price stratosphere, and watched Microsoft making new turns, investments and acquisitions ..., many have been wondering about Yahoo (and their future earnings).

A few days ago, Bill Slawski pointed to a new way Yahoo is ranking websites.

We had done a lot of ranting last year about Yahoo's most recent algorithm 'adjustments'. If they are already using this new algorithm, at least in the spaces we monitor, Yahoo has become dramatically more relevant in their results in the past few weeks. (Some of the Yahoo search results were pretty scary there for a while !?)

Today, the buzz is all about Yahoo's Flickr and a new deal with the US Library of Congress. While Flickr is, no doubt, the most popular photo sharing platform (and may have spoken for itself?), this is a clear coup for Yahoo.

If you've been reading the articles today and can't find 'the stuff', the new 'Yahoo Commons' is here and the Library of Congress announcement is here. Be sure and check it out.

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