Monday, January 7, 2008

gOS - The sequel - The $200 PC OS evolves

Some of us experimented a little with the now-infamous 200-dollar PC that was marketed by Wal-Mart last year.

The operating system, a combination of Ubuntu Linux with a custom GUI by Enlightenment, came preloaded with 'lots of things Google', Facebook, Meebo, Wikipedia, and more.

It met with somewhat mixed reviews in it's initial release on the Everex $200 PC. (What do people expect for $200 ?)

Some thought that gOS stood for Google Operating System. In fact, it stood for GREEN Operating System, as the software and hardware were designed to be very 'power-friendly'.

As I write this, the gOS website has a countdown timer on their home page. A brand-new version of the software is expected to be unveiled at CES mid-day today.

I, for one, particularly liked this screen on the site and am thinking of adopting it right here ...
"We welcome unorthodoxy in large amounts" too :)

Staff update Jan 9 11 pm est - gOS 2.0 has been posted to the gOs website for download.

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