Monday, January 28, 2008

Microsoft Popfly embraces Facebook

Microsoft's continues to show it's support for Facebook. Facebook integration is being seen in a number of Microsoft Beta products, the latest being their online Mash-up editor Popfly.

Popfly, which premiered in beta at has moved over to (So much for speculation that Microsoft was going to begin 'moving' products to the domain extension for Montserrat ?)

The Popfly mash-up editor, in addition to supporting import from Yahoo's Flickr now supports 'Save to Facebook'.

Microsoft also has a Facebook application development page here .

In October, Microsoft made a 240 million dollar investment in Facebook. Advertising and other deals between the two companies date back to 2006.

Both companies made headlines this past week. Microsoft reported record earnings for almost all operating units dramatically exceeding 'street' estimates. Facebook announced an open API for developers to allow the creation of applications outside of Facebook.