Friday, January 11, 2008

Google profits in bad markets

I can vision a day where you'll be able to buy options on Google Adwords CPMs ....

It was few months ago when I commented on an article (I think it was on Mashable but honestly don't remember at the moment :). It was about the real estate downturn and it's effect on Google.

Since then, through a variety of metrics, I've been tracking real estate PPC prices in a few select markets.

It didn't come entirely as a surprise. As many of you know, the ROI in many (most?) cases on buying PPC vs other media, if you do it right, is very simply MUCH better. There are still much more effective media plays, but most are much more expensive.

It's not just Google. At this point, in some spaces, many just can't afford real estate keywords. Yahoo, Live, and Ask and the 'secondary' PPC networks are all getting a real estate play ... and it's huge.

It's simply not fair that I can't profit from this. Are you listening Wall Street ... CBOT ... ???
You did futures on DRAM. How about PPC prices ? Supply and demand, right?

Then again, if the markets begin to 'dictate' PPC costs, smart people might just start moving their money to PPC futures and the price of oil might come down.

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