Saturday, January 26, 2008

Did someone say Techmeme ?

When you launch a project, try to keep it honest, pass a few milestones, see a few stories syndicated on Reuters .... you get a certain sense of satisfaction.

This blog was launched last August with a few missions, none entirely clear at the time other than to do what a lot of other blogs do.

Deliver a little fact and opinion, and contribute to an all-important dialog.

Search Engine Land has a 'bragroll' and almost all of us do a little 'shameless self-promotion'.

My phone rang a little while ago. A close friend said "Did you know your blog is on Techmeme?".

Huh? I really thought that, if it ever was to happen, it was a little premature and he was kidding.

Going back to my brief engagements with journalism, I felt a little rush. We have accomplished other stuff here.

Here's the screenshot at 11:30 EST on January 26th. Honestly, I'm somewhat humbled.
Now, how cool is this?

Honestly, any credit for this goes to Scoble, Arrington, Forbes and the others that were actually there.

Now off to the Feedburner numbers :)