Saturday, January 19, 2008

Crunchies Live from San Francisco

The Crunchies were broadcast live (over the net) tonight using Mogulus technology.

Overall the technology worked well and provided smooth streaming here on the east coast.

Hosted by Mike Arrington of and presented jointly by,, and (with a list of sponsors including a variety of tech companies and VC firms), the winners have just been posted to TechCrunch by Duncan Riley here .

Duncan was also pretty busy on Twitter before and after his presentation spot, and posting photos on Flickr at the same time here . (and they say guys can't multi-task ...).

It was GREAT to see OM Malik looking very well on stage, after some recent heart difficulties which he addressed on in late December. Just a mild-mannered cool guy.

I watched the show here on the east coast along with a few 'handicappers' on Twitter. Those at the show (I guess this could have be anticipated) were also on Twitter, several of which I chatted with briefly.

Unlike some of the earlier HUGE conventions, it was a truly interactive event which provided a great look at 'things to come' on the web in 2008. Tech journalists from 'the old days' joined with new generation web reporters, along with an assortment of tech executives, media and a variety of entrepreneurs.

Google was in attendance as well, with a 'pre-show' interview with Marissa Mayer, VP of Search Product and User Experience. Mark Zuckerberg was on hand to accept two awards for Facebook including 'Best Overall'.

Dan Farber of ZDnet hosted a mid-show panel which became a little controversial as the entrepreneurs seemed to dismiss entirely the prospect of a recession in the US effecting any of them. Good entrepreneurs simply don't care about recessions. They 'vision' what they can come up with in any economy and drive forward, perhaps a little more carefully.

Ryan Stewart (ZDnet) was also keeping us posted from the auditorium on Twitter, as well as numerous others.

I honestly don't want to leave anyone out here because the list was very representative of 2007 stand-outs, so be sure and check it out at the link above or any of the sponsor sites to see the winners and comments.

We're sure video re-runs will follow as well. If you have some time, check out the before and after interviews which, in same cases, were insightful, informative and just fun.

Yet another show attended in 'Green' from here without expending any jet fuel ?! :)

Congrats to the winners and all the nominees.

Update : Lots of photos on Flickr under the keyword Crunchies2007

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