Monday, January 28, 2008

Changes at Google Blog Search

Indexing blogs has to be a significantly more difficult task than indexing websites.

With a myriad of self-serving automatically generated blogs, blogs that scrape content, and other so-called 'bad guys', it's hard for me to even imagine an algorithm that can get through it all.

I've been watching a number of blog search engines to see how relevant they actually are.

Enter 'comments'.

Some make comments on blogs for their own self-benefit. I do it (1) when I mean it, or (2) when I just want to bust somebody's chops :) My guess is about 2 or 3 times a week.

I've said it before. The dialog is what it's all about. I believe it, and usually, that's why I'll post a comment.

Over the weekend, Google's Blog Search, which has been taking on blog spam, made yet another change.

If you comment on another blog, it now says 'Comment by'. In a way, this outs 'comment spammers'. It also gives full credit to the website you're commenting on.

In the example below, the first post is an actually post from here, hyper-indexed by Google in less than 5 minutes yesterday both on the blog search and main index.

The second guy is either a scraper or something else, but it's not me. (Those who know me, know I'm probably the furthest guy from Black Hat on the planet and I seriously doubt this hurts my Internet-based reputation management). The motive here, I suppose was exposure translating to unique hits.

I guess there's still some work to be done. Go to the page, I'm not even there :)

The next three listings ARE legitimate comments I made on blogs this past month.

My guess is between the recent changes at Digg and this change, there are a few people wondering where their hits went this past week.