Thursday, January 31, 2008

Engaging Microsoft - MIX08 rolls into Vegas March 5th - 7th

As DEMO produced a few true winners this past week, the smaller trade mixers and conferences seem to be becoming more and more important each year.

One to watch (attend?) this year if you do any website updating or design may very well be MIX08.

Scheduled for the Venetian Resort Hotel in Las Vegas March 5th - 7th, MIX08 is billed as an opportunity to engage Microsoft about the future of the web. It's really about a lot more.

With Rich Media becoming more and more abundant on websites, and technologies such as Adobe's Flash, Flex, and Air, Microsoft's Silverlight, numerous video platforms, AJAX and and other technologies being implemented into websites (and web-based applications), it's a conference that companies such as H-P, Cynergy, Zumobi, Electric Rain and others have come together to sponsor. A few of the speakers should be familiar to many reading this post :).

We think this third year of MIX could be a stand-out and great networking experience. The web will look very different next year and this will pose new challenges for those at search engine companies, as well as SEO and SEM firms.

You can check out MIX08 on the web here.