Thursday, January 10, 2008

Update to CES post - David Caruso IS at CES

I think most of us thought is was more of a curiosity thing last month when David Caruso of CSI Miami fame showed up at PubCon. Bloggers posted lots of photos with Caruso, who was more than gracious, and then the social networks began the buzz.

What was Caruso doing at PubCon?

The buzz got a little louder as some started talking about a 'new technology company'.

I joked "No sign of David Caruso at CES yet" earlier this week ....

Nothing like a little 'star power' to get a buzz going. You gotta love buzz.

Welcome to Lexicon? Huh?

From CES (not to be confused with CSI) in Las Vegas (Not Miami) CNET's Kara Tsuboi has the video interview with Caruso on his new company partnership here.

I suppose the question is "Where is Mister Wolf?"....

Update: AOL and G4TV have a probing video of Caruso and his business partner in Lexicon here along with some more video from CES.

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