Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sprout - This is going to be HUGE

While I was catching up on some work a little while ago, in the background (I don't know how, or sometimes why, I do this ... ) I had the 'live' DIGG screensaver running on another box. I also had Twitter open . I get an e-mail.

What's the buzz that Techmeme is breaking on Twitter , people are 'hyper-Digging' and e-mailing?

I scanned a bit and found posts from DEMO08 by TechCrunch, Read/Write Web (and others).

The buzz was about a new online flash application that just about anyone could use, with a myriad of features.


SPROUT launched a few hours ago. More than a drap and drop widget creator (which might have been enough), this is just way too easy and platform-friendly live content creator.

As someone said a short time ago ... "You just gotta check it out" ...

This is a winner out of the box. Period.

SPROUT is here.