Monday, January 7, 2008

Search Engine Journal announces Annual Blog Awards

Earlier today, Loren Baker's Search Engine Journal announced the winners of their 2007 annual blog awards. We watched the Kudos, Comments and Sphinns, as they posted throughout the day. It was a diverse and interesting mix for each award.

SEJ IS providing a platform to not only recognize those that have been working many years, but also recognizing newer authors and editors that build solid, reliable, and informative blogs over a relatively short period of time.

There was a little 'behind the scenes' lobbying (maybe more than a little) which is entirely normal but not completely self-serving. It demonstrates the industry's continued respect for Loren and Search Engine Journal. Search Engine Journal now finds itself in an increasingly crowded field, but the publication's simple and genuine approach keeps it alive and well within the community.

The other feeling we came away with is that some of the hardest working people in the various categories won. Both young and 'older' bloggers, I often wonder how some of these people find the time to do what they do each day.

Dosh Dosh was one of many standouts this year. Maki has managed to not only grow a long list of 'social followers' and readers, but has created an excellent and trusted social network reference. He crossed over successfully to the SEO space this year as well. Maki was 'spotted' earlier today in the social space 'adjusting' his Twitter contacts. This IS a classic example of how the industry (and reaching your target audience) continues to change.

You can read through the winners beginning on this page at Search Engine Journal and step to the next award at the bottom of each page. Not only is it fun and interesting reading but the comments, so far, provide a long list of 'other knowledgeable people' as well as mentions of those that did a great job but got 'edged out' ..... at least, for this year.

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