Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Monthly Metrics for Design and Marketing

Every once in a while we share a few of our analytics with you so that you can optimize your website or blog to the current audience.**

Here's the latest from averaging 10 websites we 'maintain'...

Past 30 Days:
Firefox took another leap to over 14%
Explorer at 79% with version 7 (for the first time) just edging out version 6 but just about 50/50
Safari edged up to just under 4%

Far and away, the most common screen resolution is 1024 x 768 with a little over 50% and 800 x 600 still in deep decline with about 7.5%

Dial-up? There's a few of you still out there but only about 4 %
Cable/Fibre 46% DSL 22%

Operating systems: 81% Windows XP Vista coming on (a little) at 15%
Mac Operating System are up as well to 5.5 %
Variations of Linux 1.4%

**It's (very) important to point out that all of these stats are from consumer oriented websites.
Also these websites are all U.S.-based with U.S. geo-targeted audiences.
IE: Our technology websites / blogs scored higher in all of the Apple categories and Linux-based OS's.

For those of you that don't run extensive analytics (and you should!), we hope this post helps.