Saturday, January 12, 2008

MacWorld Conference and Expo 2008 - Virtual Coverage

It seems like just yesterday when CES was the only electronics trade show ...

.... now it seems as if there's one every two weeks?

Bye, Bye Vegas ....

This year's MacWorld Conference and Expo is next, from January 14th through the 18th at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

The question on everyone's mind is "What can Steve Jobs do for an encore?".

While Bill Gates heads for a 'working retirement', there appears no sign that Jobs is letting up any time soon.

Few would dispute that 2007 was 'The Year of the iPhone', as well as a new generation of MAC users. Despite mildly upsetting (understatement) a few iPhone early adopters by dropping the price $200 (US) just weeks after it's retail debut, Apple had a stellar year, despite a broad-based retail downturn in the US.

Jobs keynote speech is known for a few surprises. It will be Tuesday at 9 AM (PST). see links below.

Will there be a significant announcement this year? The new Mac Pro and Xserve have already been announced. While most suspect 2007 can't be repeated, we think Jobs is planning to keep the latest Apple buzz alive and well (and he has a long history of doing just that).

We scoured the web earlier today to see which bloggers and websites will have video and other coverage from 'The Largest MacIntosh Event of the Year'.

Here's the starter kit for you virtual show-goers ...

MacWorldExpo - The Official Website of MacWorld (and the previous home of live feeds of Steve Jobs' keynotes)
MacWorld - Preview podcast now online at
Engadget - Already "on the ground at MacWorld !" and promising live coverage of the keynote.
Digital Lifestyle - also already previewing video coverage from Mac World now.
Gizmodo - MacWorld coverage page
Ars Technica - First banner pics from MacWorld already online.
Apple Insider - Apple Insider Online
Mac Rumors -
MacOSRumors - Under new management, they simply have to be on-time?
Mac Daily News

Whether you make it to SF or not, enjoy the show. This one will definitely be interesting to watch.

Possibly for the first time, whether it's from rural America or from remote parts of the world, you'll be able to attend MacWorld from just about anywhere ....

Update: More 'personalities' from MacWorld can be found on this page at Qik

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